July 06, 2022

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President’s Message: Get Ready – Change Is in the Air
Posted On: Mar 30, 2022

President’s Message

Get Ready – Change Is in the Air

As we settle in for the spring 2022 semester, we are cautiously optimistic for a return to some sense of normalcy after the last two years of uncertainty. Below are some headlines from the Guild.

To Mask or Not to Mask

For up-to-date information about COVID-19 from the district and from L.A. County Public Health, click here. From that link, you can submit questions or concerns. In terms of our district’s protocols, Board Policy 2800 (mask mandate) and Board Policy 2900 (vaccination mandate) remain in place. We are closely watching the State Legislature and the governor for their intent to extend the state of emergency or to rescind it.

Your voice matters! The District COVID Response Team has emailed a three-question survey to all employees via your work email. Take a minute to respond.

It's About Time!

The Guild, in collaboration with the LACCD Labor Caucus, has negotiated 24 hours of COVID-19 wellness leave in addition to the state-legislated 80 hours of COVID paid supplemental leave. Click here for the leave-of-absence request form. All 104 hours of leave are “use-it-or-lose-it.” The 24 hours of leave expire May 15. The 80 hours of state-legislated leave expire September 15.

We continue to bargain for more assistance for faculty. In addition, Guild members can access a free benefit for themselves and their families: AFT National Trauma Care.

Calling All Students

Unfortunately, enrollments for spring are currently down by approximately 14%, a situation that may have dire consequences for adjunct faculty.

ACCJC Is on Its Way

Our colleges will undergo another round of accreditation in 2023. It’s time to prepare now and work with our colleagues in the Academic Senate to ensure the process is fair. We must stay vigilant and be ready to resist if administration makes unreasonable demands.

You can always reach out to your college chapter president for support. The ACCJC is starting to push the envelope on online assessment. If it seems as if the ACCJC is crossing over the line, they probably are. Ask your administration for chapter and verse of the ACCJC standards if it seems they are encroaching on privacy, academic freedom, or the scope of collective bargaining.

Faculty Guild Elections

Our next Guild election for districtwide and campus representatives is in progress, with the balloting conducted digitally. Candidate forums have been held to hear from those running for office. If you are a Guild member, be sure to exercise your right to vote and select your Guild leaders.

“Watch” Us Work for Student Success

At CFT State Council on March 20, Guild members succeeded in attaching a “watch” status to AB 1705 and its impact on students who need — but are not receiving — below-transfer-level math and/or English classes. We all need to keep pressure on the legislature to support our grassroots campaign. Watch your non-work email for calls to action.

On Tuesday, April 5, we need as many speakers as possible on Zoom to urge the State Assembly Budget Committee to vote yes on the $200 million for statewide part-time faculty healthcare. For more information or to testify, contact Seo Yun Son at sson.aft1521@gmail.com.

Concerns About Wages, Hours and Working Conditions?

Locally, grievance reps are busier than ever. If you have a concern at your campus, don’t wait! Contact your chapter president and grievance rep.

Student debt clinics continue to help our faculty apply for debt relief – see the article in this issue on the important work they’re doing for our faculty.

Hearing Us Loud and Clear

At the March 2 Board of Trustees meeting, over 50 students, faculty, and disability community allies gave testimony in support of resolving a lawsuit brought against the district by the disability community. Our trustees heard the message and will return to mediation rather than seek review by the SCOTUS.

Stay safe. Stay well.

In Unity,


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