January 21, 2022

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AFT 1521 West LA College Delegates Special Election Final Results

Real News - November 2021

President’s Message
Negotiations. Negotiations. Negotiations. Lather, rinse, repeat... This is what the COVID-19 cycle has become. The actions of District management have created disruption regarding wages, hours, and working conditions. The Guild then jumps in to resolve each of the issues. Within a month, we’re back at the table to resolve another disturbance.
The Value of Being a Union Member: A Visit with Southwest Instructor Hillard Holland
AFT 1521 faculty member Hillard Holland divides his time between working as a computer science instructor at Southwest College and teaching computer basic-skills at Pasadena City College. While he has been a member of AFT 1521 for more than two decades, his first experience with union membership goes back nearly 50 years.
Real News - October 2021

President's Message "Meeting the Moment"
President’s Message Meeting the Moment Thanks to the large number of Guild faculty who took the time to join the virtual Town Halls on October 4 and 5. We appreciate Chancellor Rodriguez and his team for their willingness to provide this forum. Thanks also to our Guild leadership for facilitating the Q & A portion and to those of you who posed questions in the chat.
Relief From Student Debt is on the Way
In 2018, Guild Faculty Guild member Dr. Jessica Saint-Paul (pictured at right) attended a benefits conference hosted by AFT 1521. One of the topics covered, with help from National AFT, was Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF).
Trade Tech Faculty to Administration: Clean it Up
Trade Tech Faculty to Administration: Clean it Up By Evan Henerson ?A clean and safe campus is not simply a work perk. It’s a necessity.  Such was the message of a petition organized by Los Angeles Trade Tech faculty and submitted to the school’s administration.
The NEW Adjunct Survival Guide

Working list of Los Angeles County Assembly Members

Thanks to union educators like you, we defeated the RECALL!

Real News - September 2021

Local 1521 Joins UCLA Community Collaborative Study
To what degree has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted “essential” labor, workers and communities in Southern California? That complicated question was the focus of a multi-disciplinary study conducted by the Community Collaborative, a partnership between the Department of Urban Planning and the Center for Labor Research and Education at UCLA.
Presidents Message
It’s Groundhog Day As the Fall semester begins, we’re back in negotiations and, once again phone banking and spreading the word in a call-to-action to our family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to VOTE NO on the RECALL.
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