April 29, 2017
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Grievance Reviews
The Process for Rights: Negotiations, an Introduction
Nov 10, 2016

Download: Grievance Review XXVI doc.pdf

Campus Compliance: ADA, Safety
May 24, 2016

Download: Grievance Review XXVdoc.pdf

Probationary Faculty Information & Adjunct Faculty Articles
Sep 22, 2015

Download: Grievance Review XXIVa.pdf

Grievance Review Committee
Mar 17, 2014
GRIEVANCE REVIEW COMMITTEE MEMBERS CITY -  Carl Friedlander  cfriedlander@aft1521.org EAST - Evelyn Escatiola  escatiola@att.net HARBOR - Joan Thomas Spiegel jthomasaft MISSION - Monica Moreno monicamoreno19@yahoo.com PIERCE - Fernando Oleas oleasf@piercecollege.edu SOUTHWEST -  Sandra Lee sandraleephd@aol.com
Chairs’ Obligations and Limitations
Mar 17, 2014

Download: Grievance Review XXII.pdf

Prob. Evaluations, Grievance Timeliness, Add’l New Language
Sep 27, 2012

Download: Grievance Review XXI.pdf

Workplace Issues; New Contract Language
Mar 13, 2012

Download: Grievance Review XX part2.pdf

New Contract Language plus Board Rules on Threats
Feb 23, 2012

Download: Grievance Review XIX.pdf

Workplace Rights
Feb 23, 2012

Download: Grievance Review XVIII.pdf

Department/Divison Concerns
Feb 23, 2012

Download: Grievance Review XVII.pdf

Illness Leaves, Probationary Evaluations 2
Feb 23, 2012

Download: Grievance Review XV.pdf

Complaint Meetings, Probationary Evaluations 1, Grievances
Feb 23, 2012

Download: Grievance Review XIV.pdf

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