September 21, 2023

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President's Message "Meeting the Moment"
Updated On: Oct 20, 2021

Thanks to the large number of Guild faculty who took the time to join the virtual Town Halls on October 4 and 5. We appreciate Chancellor Rodriguez and his team for their willingness to provide this forum. Thanks also to our Guild leadership for facilitating the Q & A portion and to those of you who posed questions in the chat.

Since the District pivoted to a remote environment in March of 2020, the Faculty Guild and other bargaining units have been diligently focused on insisting on and monitoring an environment that is safe for employees, students, and members of our community. Always following the science—which has not always taken a direct path—and learning lessons from our colleagues at the federal, state, and local levels, we consistently and unwaveringly recited and repeated our criteria for a safe reopening: testing, tracing, vaccination, ventilation, masking, physical distancing, hand hygiene, and other mitigation strategies.

Guild leadership has been diligent in monitoring and proposing revisions to the District’s actions -- from our edits to the Board Resolution that sent most of us to “work from home” to our MOUs for “hard to convert” classes, to a dozen more communications that ensured our contract would remain in force in the face of radically changing demands, to a re-opening MOU that we are still pushing to be effectively implemented.

From the initial horrors of the pandemic through multiple surges and variants, the Faculty Guild has, with the help of the other bargaining units, met the moment, and will continue to do so.

We are now at a point where the science, which we are still following, seems to be acknowledging that the pandemic is not going away anytime soon, and so we continue working collectively to make the environment and our communities safe, while ensuring that our rights as employees are upheld.

That said, there has been some clarity but also some confusion about issues surrounding the Board’s effort through BP 2800 and 2900 to enhance our level of safety. We continue to hold the District accountable for the safety of our faculty, staff, and students.

In Unity,

Joanne Waddell

AFT 1521 President

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