August 16, 2022

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Part B Medicare Reimbursement Update HRA/FSA Accounts
Posted On: Sep 03, 2021

Equity Health (or as you know them –WageWorks) is out and ASI Flex is in. 

In our last contract negotiations, we were able to obtain a new benefit — reimbursement of retiree Medicare Part B premiums. WageWorks was tasked with setting up the process for this new benefit. They were unable to complete this task before they were replaced.

Background: WageWorks has been the LACCD’s service provider for this type of benefit for many years. They were sold to Equity Health about a year ago; however, that had no impact on our services. They continued as the provider with a new name, and WageWorks is the name used on their online portal.

In 2020, the LACCD/JLMBC went out to bid for a new service provider. ASI Flex won the bidding process and was selected as the new provider; however, due to COVID, the process of moving from the old to the new has taken longer than anticipated.

Due to the change in vendors the following has taken place:


  • As of June 23, 2021, Claims Processing from WageWorks, including the Debit Cards, was halted to allow them to finalize claim data for transfer to ASI Flex.  
  • WageWorks stopped all progress on Part B Medical reimbursement implementation.  
  • As of August 1, ASI Flex officially took over and you can set up your online profile and continue submitting claims for the 2021 year to ASI Flex (except for the Part B Medicare reimbursement portion that is not ready yet.) 
  • As of August 15, some existing fund balances have been viewable online.  
  • By no later than September 1, current participants will receive ASI Flex debit cards, and all fund balances should be available to view online.  
  • If you have unsubmitted claims dated prior to August 1, you can still submit them to ASI Flex for processing, and they will process any valid claim for the entire 2021 plan year.  
  • ASI Flex will begin communicating with members very soon; in fact, you may have already received something via email. 
  • All the above was prioritized over the Part B Medicare Reimbursement implementation. 

It is anticipated that the new process will begin implementation as of September 30th and should be ready to go by October/November.

No funds have been lost! All HRA funds in your accounts are still there and will be available. Once the process is implemented, all Part B reimbursements for Medicare Premiums will be retroactive to July 1, 2020. 

For more information on our CalPERS medical plans, go to the

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