July 28, 2021

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Meet Andra Hoffman – Seat #1
Posted On: Aug 28, 2020

A board president’s work is never done. Just ask Andra Hoffman, who after five years on the LACCD Board of Trustees still feels as if she is still “just sort of getting my feet wet.”

“I put together a task force on addressing administrative regulations and policies related to sexual harassment and I want to continue that work in terms of bullying in the workplace as well,” said Hoffman.” I feel we’ve made great progress supporting our undocumented students and I’m really proud of that work. I’m excited to continue serving. There’s still a lot of work to be done.”

In addition to drawing from her experience as a board member, Hoffman notes that she also has institutional expertise from working at a community college. She oversees the Career Center and Job Placement Services at Glendale Community College and has more than 23 years of community college experience.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on instruction at the nine LACCD campuses has forced the board to confront several pressing challenges. Hoffman is proud of the district’s efforts to distribute nearly 15,000 laptops to students and she wants to continue to work to ensure that all students can easily access remote learning.

“Access to WiFi and broadband should be like water and power,” she said. “It’s a necessity now; it’s no longer a luxury. I also want to make sure the students are getting the support services they need, especially now. Not only are they getting used to learning in a remote environment, but many of our students have kids at home to take care of while trying to succeed in school.”

In addition to her work locally, Hoffman uses her expertise to help advocate at the state level as the Second Vice President of the Community College League of California Trustee Board. She is in line to become the CCLC’s president.

At a time when everything is changing so quickly and we don’t know what the future is going to look like, having the experience of working at a community college and having served on the LACCD board for five years, including a year-and-a-half as board president, is really important for continuity and consistency,” Hoffman said.

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