February 04, 2023

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Adjunct Faculty Issues Committee (AFIC)
Updated On: Jan 04, 2023

Updated as of August 6, 2020

Adjunct Faculty Issues Committee (AFAC) Campus Representatives work collectively with Adjunct faculty from our nine colleges in the Los Angeles Community College District. AFT Chapter Presidents appoint AFAC leaders and will not serve as AFIC Campus Representatives. AFAC Representatives identify professional issues and concerns of Adjunct Faculty. All current AFAC Representative shall serve a term of two years and may only be removed therefrom in the event of and upon a showing of good cause.  (Examples in addition to violations of duties listed below include harassment or inappropriate language/behaviors towards other members or guests of meetings). The AFIC Chair can appoint an additional Co-chair or sub committees as needed.

Example of Duties:

1.     Actively participating in committee meetings once a month on designated a day from 12:30pm to 2:45pm; and attending CFT Convention and Guild Benefits Conference. AFIC Leaders are required to participate in four AFIC meetings per semester. There are no unexcused absences.

2.     Working collaboratively with your Chapter President and your campus’ adjunct faculty department representatives to share relevant emails, newsletters, flyers, and notifications.

3.     Working with your union chapter president, attending campus chapter meetings and arranging and/or presenting on-campus meetings/orientations for part-time faculty at least once a year.

4.     Providing an informational resource for adjunct faculty on your campus. Encouraging Adjunct Faculty to serve on the Executive Board. Supporting the implementation of the contract; familiarizing yourself with the Adjunct Survival Guide and the contract.

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