July 07, 2020

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Say His Name – George Floyd
Posted On: Jun 17, 2020

We strongly condemn the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. We are shaken by the cold-blooded brutality that took his life and by the underlying racism that infects some who brazenly violate the public trust.

As a union, we will not be deterred from fighting for equity in our workplaces and in our communities. At our annual membership meeting we passed the following resolution:

Resolved: The membership of the Los Angeles College Faculty Guild, AFT Local 1521 support the people of Minneapolis in the pursuit of justice for the killing of George Floyd by police.

We recognize that people around the country suffer from other injustices. It is no coincidence that people of color suffer disproportionately from COVID-19 and from other problems, such as lack of adequate health care as well as economic, social, and educational inequality.

For the past three weeks, many people participated in peaceful demonstrations against police violence. Our resolution, along with these outpourings across the country, were actions taken to advance the cause of justice to which we remain passionately committed as an important value for our union. As public school educators, we are on the front lines of critical civil rights struggles. As faculty members, we have seen firsthand and tried to lift up our students struggling with poverty, hunger, lack of affordable housing, and unequal opportunities in the workplace and in education. Many of our faculty members have also fought to overcome these same societal inequities in their own lives.

We resolve to re-commit ourselves to equity in our institutions and in the larger society. We’re fighting to make sure that our students receive the best education possible in the safest environments. We dedicate ourselves to the purpose of community colleges as great levelers, as institutions that raise people up and give them opportunities, no matter their backgrounds, prior education, or citizenship status. We see the potential in our students and nurture them to help them reach their goals and fulfill their dreams.

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