October 23, 2018
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COPE Committee Members
Updated On: Jan 07, 2016
Natalina Monteiro East nmonteiro@mac.com
Political Director 310-469-4083
Pat Allen Valley Pkallen3717@yahho.com
Zack Knorr Valley Zknorr@gmail.com
Mattie Moon City mmoon13956@aol.com
Carl Friedlander City cfriedlander@aft1521.org
Kathleen Yasuda Trade Kyasuda62@hotmail.com
John McDowell Trade mcdowelljr@gmail.com
Fernando Oleas Pierce foleas@gmail.com
Brian Walsh Pierce brianpatrickw@gmail.com
VACANT Mission
VACANT Mission
Olga Shewfelt West Olgashewfelt@gmail.com
Jack Ruebensaal West Jackruebensaal@hotmail.com
Jim Stanberry Harbor Stanbejb@lahc.edu
Paul Grady Harbor paulgrady@gmail.com
Marcel Morales East
Sandra Lee Southwest Sandraleephd@aol.com
Kimberly McBride Southwest mcbridkr@gmail.com

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