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Updated On: Aug 219, 2020

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The California Community Colleges Registry is a large scale database
containing the names, qualifications and desired position(s) of potential California Community College (CCC) faculty, support staff and management job applicants. The database is utilized by the 72 CCC Human Resources offices, representing the 109 California Community Colleges. This web site provides a number of services for individuals seeking employment as a faculty, support staff or manager at a California Community College.

California Community Colleges (CCC) have approximately 80,000 employees. There are approximately 16,000 full-time faculty and 7,000 administrators.

Click <>HERE to get on the list for the California Community Colleges Registry

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Tips for applying:

Registry-Plus info:

Resources for Adjuncts 

Full-time job openings are posted on college and district websites.  Some employment resources:


  • Contact Academic Affairs if you are interested in working as a day-to-day or long-term substitute.
  • Adjuncts may be paid for ancillary activities (non-teaching work, such as updating curriculum, writing SLOs, grant writing or special projects). This does not count toward the 67% maximum workload. Ask your chair or college VPs if there are assignments available. Appendix J from the contract needs to be signed IN ADVANCE in order for you to receive payment for any ancillary work.

Professional resources and organizations:

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