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Updated On: Sep 255, 2022

MOU #2022-04 Chair Reassigned Time and Faculty Schedule

MOU #2020-06 Article 27.ll.A.1

MOU #2021-10 Winter-Spring Terms 2022

MOU #2021- 08 RTW Memorandum of Understanding - Return to In-Person Work for Fall 2021

MOU #2021-07 Article 29 E. iii

MOU Article 19 and 42 and Article 40B2

Fall Evaluations 2020 MOU Articles 42, 16, 19

MOU  Spring Semester 2021 Faculty Evaluation

2015-01  * on the evaluation Form

2014-06  Illness days for Adjunct teaching DL or TBA Courses

2012-05  The California Public Employees' Pension Reform Act pf 2013: Hold Harmless

2013-02  SB114, Calculation of CalSTRS Service Credit for Adjunct Faculty

2014-07  Calculation of CalSTRS Service Credit for Adjunct Faculty, Senate Bill 114

2014-06  Accrual of Illness Days for Adjunct Faculty Teaching Distance Learning

2014-03  Art History Discipline Effect on Regular and Contract Faculty

2014-02  Art History Seniority Lists

2014-01  Art History Discipline Load

2014-04  Development and Implementation of LACCD College SB 1456 Plans

2013-07  MOU-- AFT Faculty New Discipline Load 10-15-13

2013-08  MOU-- AFT Faculty Seniority List Modified 10-15-13

2013-01   Updating the Existing Seniority Lists at LATTC

2012-05   AB 340, the California Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act of 2013

2012-04   New/Modified Seniority Lists – Agricultural/ASL

2012-03   Integrated Seniority Lists Disciplines, Specialized Counseling

2012-02   New/Modified/Deleted Seniority Lists: Crime Analyst

2012-01    Multiple Seniority Lists for Regular and Contract Faculty

2011-07  New/Modified/Deleted Seniority Lists: Theater Arts

2011-06 New/Modified/Deleted Seniority Lists: Geology Oceanography

2011-05 New/Modified Seniority Lists: Fine and Applied Arts

2011-02 Voluntary Suspension of Seniority Assignment by Fulltime Faculty

2011-01New/Modified Seniority Lists: Supervised Learning Assistance

MOU 2009-01

This MOU extends the provisions for receiving full differentials to those who have been released/reassigned time for AFT, Academic Senate or other college position because volunteering and/or being elected to a position of service with released/reassigned time should not carry with it the disincentive of reduced pay.
This MOU serves to correct the omission of the Monday finals dates in the original spring calendars and other minor errors.  Also agreed to is that the provision in Article 11 that the Cesar Chavez holiday may not fall within Spring Break is satisfied if, when the Chavez holiday  does fall within Spring Break, an additional faculty vacation day is designated outside of Spring Break so that the number of vacation days is not reduced.
PDF attachments are Memorandums of understanding (MOU) and Contract Interpretations (CI) since publication of 2008-2011 Contract


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MOU - Chair Reassigned Time & Faculty Schedule LACCD
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