May 19, 2022

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CFT voter guide before filling out your June primary election ballot
Dear Tina, Ballots are arriving this week across California for the June 7, 2022 primary election, and once again we have the opportunity to support candidates and measures that support our schools and California’s working families. Before you vote, please take a moment to review CFT’s Educators Choice Voter Guide.
2022 AFT Convention | Boston July 14-17

Annual Membership Meeting - Friday, May 20, 2022


Election RESULTS - 2022 Districtwide Faculty, AFT 1521

Certification of Results - LACFG  AFT 1521

President’s Message: Get Ready – Change Is in the Air
President’s Message Get Ready – Change Is in the Air As we settle in for the spring 2022 semester, we are cautiously optimistic for a return to some sense of normalcy after the last two years of uncertainty. Below are some headlines from the Guild. To Mask or Not to Mask For up-to-date information about COVID-19 from the district and from L.A.
Real News - March 2022

Making an Impact Through Theater at Mission and Throughout the LACCD
Making an Impact Through Theater at Mission and Throughout the LACCD By Evan Henerson Many educational experiences begin and end within the four walls of a college classroom, but that won’t be the case for Theatre 285: Directed Study. This new class being offered during the spring semester will begin at L.A.
Adjunct Action: CFT, AFT 1521 Urge Membership to Lobby for Healthcare
Adjunct Action: CFT, AFT 1521 Urge Membership to Lobby for Healthcare By Evan Henerson When Governor Gavin Newsom proposed a $200 million allocation for part-time faculty healthcare in his state budget, AFT 1521’s adjunct faculty members hailed the move as a solid start to addressing a problem greatly in need of attention: healthcare for adjunct faculty.
Progress With Cleanliness Issues at LATTC: Update
Progress With Cleanliness Issues at LATTC: Update By Alex Weber Due to the hands-on nature of their studies, students and teachers at L.A. Trade Technical College struggled with being offsite during the pandemic.
2022 Districtwide Faculty Guild Election

For additional information, contact the guild office at 323.851.1521 press 1 for faculty, or email

Real News - February 2022

Presidents message: With Enrollment Down, We Stay Vigilant
As we approach the beginning of the spring 2022 semester — our third year in this pandemic whirlpool that seems to be surging out of control — we are expecting to start with less than 70% enrollment compared to enrollment in Spring 2020. The Guild remains laser-focused on ensuring safety on campus and protecting faculty jobs.
LAVC Faculty Member Makes a Difference for LGBTQ+ Students
Hasmik Arakelyan, who serves on the Guild’s Adjunct Faculty Issues Committee (AFIC), has been a faculty member in the L.A. Valley College psychology department since 2014. “I identified as a cisgender woman and a lesbian from a young age, and I love being a lesbian and a woman,” she says. Her experience has motivated her to help others accept themselves.
Where Are the Adjuncts in ‘The Chair’?
When I applied for unemployment this summer, I had a realization: I’ve been an employee of the district since 2011, having taught in five of the nine LACCD colleges (LAVC, Pierce, Trade Tech, City, and Mission). I recently sat down with excitement to watch "The Chair," the six-part Netflix miniseries that everyone in the LAVC English department has been talking about.
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